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Our Work

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Glass Art

Our glass art refers to individual works of art that are substantially or wholly made of re-purposed glass. We offer tableware,   individual decorative art pieces and jewelry.  The glass that we use allows us to design with a wide array of color combinations, making for very a unique end result. 


Abalone Art 

Abalone shells have held cultural and artistic significance in various societies across the world. Indigenous cultures, particularly those of Native Americans and Indigenous Australians, have used abalone shells in traditional jewelry, adornments, and ceremonial artifacts. The vibrant colors and iridescence of the shell have symbolized spiritual connections, life cycles, and the natural world in these cultures.

In addition to their cultural importance, Abalone shells have become highly sought-after materials in the realm of contemporary art and craftsmanship. We here at Ron Black Art, use the Abalone shell to create visually stunning and unique pieces that celebrate the shell's inherent beauty.

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Concrete Art

All of our Concrete Tabletops & Chess Tables contain colored glass giving each piece depth and character.  We also incorporate inlays of Granite, Marble, Stones etc, depending on the design or theme of the piece.  We have had many clients assist in their design process with our custom work.  



All of our Jewelry is designed here in our Art Studio. Working with Abalone shell and re-purposed glass makes each piece one-of-a-kind and unique.  Necklaces are crafted to enhance the natural beauty of the pendants.  We only choose quality beads of precious natural stone, shell, glass crystal, bone and pearls to name a few.

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